Indoor areas

Wonderfully diverse, Epoxy flooring is available in both matt or high polish finishes and can be tinted to suit any décor.

A Practical, protective, modern and sophisticated option to create a level of design for your home that you will love to live in.

Environmentally friendly and hygenic expoxy floor coatings will provide beautiful living spaces to promote good health and happiness for you and your family.

Garage Floors

With its easy to maintain nature, our very high quality epoxy resin coating solution has the ability to repel harsh chemicals such as all common fuels.

With a resistance to tire marks, and an ability to hide imperfections in your existing concrete this modern and pleasing finish will lift your garage floor to a new level, and create a much more usable, versatile space to utilise and enjoy.

Outdoor Areas

Add street appeal and value to your property as well as practicality and safety to your outdoor areas.

With non slip options available our expoxy flooring coating is ideal for poolside areas, and is a durable driveway and patio coating, which is UV protected to avoid fading and discolouration.


Driveways and Paths


Allows us to clean and protect these high traffic areas from the usual stains, that if left

untreated will only depreciate the look of your investment

High Pressure Clean plus 2 Clear Protective coats $11m2 GST Included




With a variety of colour options for you...